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Product introduction
  • 01
    Public course

    1. High-performance coaching

    2. Talent inventory and talent system construction

    3. Practical mind mapping in the workplace

    4. Alibaba manages three axes

    5. Charismatic speech and expression

    6. How to know people and select materials

  • 02
    Internal training

    1. Training development

    2. Talent development

    3. Organizational development

  • 03
    Business consulting

    1. Huawei series

    2. Ali series

    3. IBM series

Class types The applicable objects For Group Product competitive advantage Advantage
Public course Everyone in the company

1. The lecturer team has the experience of both Party A and Party B, combining internal and external lecturers;

2. Curriculum design is systematic, and the logical lifeline opens up;

3. Cost-effective, only half the price of the market.

Internal training Everyone in the company

1. Cooperate with senior external organization development experts to teach and have rich practical experience and advanced theoretical models.

2. The course design is from shallow to deep, which can be transformed into micro-consulting projects and long-term consulting projects.

Business consulting Everyone in the company

1. Rich lecturer resources, and from the high-end candidate pool, with rich practical experience and landing ability;Be rich in teacher resources who are high-level candidate and have both rich practical and landed experience.

2. In-depth understanding of customer needs, customized solutions, and follow-up tracking. To gain insight into customer needs,then customization program,and follow the trail.

Feng Jun
Senior Leadership Development Consultant / Lecturer / Coach

Aspiring to “help leaders grow with the rest of their lives!” Has a well-integrated organizational experience and a deep understanding of the context between strategy, organization, processes, human resources and leadership.

Mr. Feng started his career as an engineer. He joined the training industry in 2000 because of his passion. In 2003, Mr. Feng noticed the limitation of the training effect and turned to the consulting industry. In 2010, Mr. Feng clearly realized that “the problems of all organizations are leadership issues”, determined to follow the experience of life and the call of mission, return to the field of leadership development, and regard it as a lifetime career. In 2015, Mr. Feng developed the Leadership Business Panorama®. In 2016, Mr. Feng began to design a leadership development project using a system-wide integration approach. Since 2010, Mr. Feng has trained / coached more than 1,000 leaders each year.

Feng Jun
Senior Leadership Development Consultant / Lecturer / Coach
Zheng Rong
Alibaba Organization Development Expert

American DDI certified training instructor, University of Wales MBA, China registered auctioneer.

12 years of human resource management experience in large Internet companies.

He once served as the vice president of human resources of Mandao Financial Services and Douhu Entertainment.

Former senior trainer of Yuyuan Mall Tourism Co., Ltd. and executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Old Town God Temple Auction House. He joined Shanda Network in 2004. He has served as training director and corporate culture director of Shanda Network Group. He joined Alibaba Group in 2011 as Alipay. Director of Learning Development, responsible for the overall human resource management of Ant Financial Shanghai Branch since 2014.

Zheng Rong
Alibaba Organization Development Expert
Chen Wei
Senior Training Consultant for Experiential Training

Mr. Chen Wei was the vice president of a foreign hotel and the general manager of the Suwan District of the People's Experience Management Training Institute. He has rich interpersonal communication skills and management work experience. He is good at analyzing complex situations in practical work and is good at analyzing problems. And solve problems, and can be effectively summarized and summarized in accordance with specific actual conditions for organizational learning and sharing. He has been engaged in training for more than 10 years and has accumulated deep training and management experience.

Mr. Chen Wei has researched on the core competitiveness of enterprises and general management skills. He mainly lectures on "employee satisfaction and motivation management", "project management", "financial management of non-financial staff", "business strategy and implementation", etc. course.

Customers who have served include Canon, Siemens, Colgate, HP, Motorola, Ford, Epson, SGS, IBM ...

Chen Wei
Senior Training Consultant for Experiential Training
Ran Yunfan
Real Estate Process Management Expert

Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Tongji University and many other universities, special lecturers of "Real Estate Professional Manager Class", Sohu workplace, famous online senior consultant, special lecturer, Fortune China senior consultant, long-term management consultant of many companies, Shanghai registered management Ask the Experts.

Mr. Ran Yunfan has worked in China Construction Group (Fortune 500), China Overseas Real Estate Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Senior Management in the past 20 years. In 2003, he entered the management consulting industry and mainly engaged in strategic management and process reengineering Services, has conducted research, coaching and training for many real estate companies. Based on continuous optimization and integration of domestic and foreign enterprise management experience, it has formed a unique, targeted, and operable management service model.

Ran Yunfan
Real Estate Process Management Expert
Yang Yi
Organization Development and Recruitment Experts

The president of Zhejiang University invited a trainer, a national enterprise trainer second, a 4D leadership global certification lecturer and a combat coach, and has been the head of a well-known listed company company university. 1. Experience in building a corporate university from 0 to 1; experience in project coverage from 500 to 8,000 people. 2. According to the strategic development and business needs of the enterprise, organize the formulation of enterprise talent training plans, organize the development of core personnel training, employee development and promotion; build an enterprise knowledge management system, promote the organization of knowledge precipitation, and guide enterprises to carry out training and personnel training. 3. Invite internal corporate executives, external entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to build a composite knowledge structure (strategy + industry + management + capital) for corporate students, build excellent management capabilities, and assist students in solving short-term business management problems in the short term. "Improve management vision and achieve outstanding managers" as the standard to help enterprises take off.

Yang Yi
Organization Development and Recruitment Experts
Wang Wei
Fan Deng Reading Club The Most Popular Lecturer in Zhejiang

Well-known speech coach and judge of Zhejiang Enterprise Internal Trainer Competition, engaged in public expression related work for 13 years, more than 50 public speeches each year, helped thousands of people improve their expression;

Former Alibaba training expert, gold lecturer, MBA from Xi'an Jiaotong University

Fan Deng reading app "How to Become a Master Speaker" (48W + playback), Fan Deng Reading Headquarters Signed Lecturer, "I am a lecturer" contest national top 20, Zhejiang chief lecturer;

Speaker of the popular online course "Lao Wang Wei Class", the course has been recommended by Li Kaifu Weibo;

Author of the best-selling book "Teaching Your Workplace" (Machinery Industry Press)

Wang Wei
Fan Deng Reading Club The Most Popular Lecturer in Zhejiang
Hao Xiangyu
Focus on thinking design and presentation

Tonibozan Certified Mind Map Instructor TBLI, Structural Thinking Certified Trainer, Everything DiSC® Interpersonal Communication Style Certified Consultant / Lecturer, Guided Practitioner, Zhejiang University MBA

Mr. Hao has been serving large foreign pharmaceutical companies for 14 years. 7 years of sales and sales management work experience, engaged in enterprise training and training management for 7 years. He once worked in the training and talent development department of a large foreign pharmaceutical company. As an internal trainer, he was responsible for important talent development and training based on the company's competency model building, management-level training path building, and learning project design and implementation.

As a full-time professional lecturer, he has professional qualifications and excellent course implementation experience in areas such as workplace thinking, problem analysis and solution, team communication and management, and efficient meeting guidance. Has served many large companies, such as Bayer, Nutricia, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Enhua Pharmaceutical, Hangzhou Weiyi Technology, Ali Lakeside College, etc.

Hao Xiangyu
Focus on thinking design and presentation
Manage yourself
  • DISC Personality Analysis

  • Structural thinking

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

  • Public speaking and expression

  • Mind mapping in the workplace

  • Use of office software-create efficient business people

  • Business etiquette and professional image building

Manage business
  • Management by objectives and plans

  • Project Management (Sandbox Course)

  • Customer relationship development and management

  • Customer visit and communication

  • Huawei Audio-Technica Marketing Management

  • Who killed the contract

  • How to sell Ali Tiejun

Manage team
  • Manager's role cognition and ability development

  • Efficient communication based on structured thinking / DISC

  • High Performance Coaching

  • High Performance Team Building and Management

  • Executive Power Building

  • Team Empowerment-Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Management (Sandbox Course)

  • Quickly identify and select talents

  • TTT training and teaching skills

Manage change
  • 4D leadership

  • Situational Leadership-Five Capabilities Breakthroughs for Great Leaders (Sandbox Course)

  • Leadership business panorama

  • Strategic leadership of middle and senior cadres

  • Looking at Operations Through Finance (Sandbox Course)

Talent development
  • Six tips for key position recruitment

  • Quickly identify and select talents

  • Use of assessment techniques in interviews

  • Talent inventory

  • Competency model

  • Human Resources Management for Non-Human Resources Managers

Organizational development
  • Alibaba Management Triple Axe

  • Seven things managers open

  • Alibaba Iron Army Building

  • Huawei corporate culture and management practices

  • Huawei Strategic Reserve

  • Huawei's cadre management

  • Huawei Marketing Management