Information system

Vision: to be an incubator for Match Point organizational evolution and personnel growth

Mission: to become the highland of strategic thinking, the engine of organizational reform, the base of talent cultivation and the platform of cultural communication

Newcomer training camp
New Employee Special Orientation Training

New Employee Special Orientation Training is the first training course for new employees after on-boarding. In this stage, the training course mainly helps them learn about Match Point's history, corporate culture as well as the fundamental knowledge and skills of headhunting. Designed to accompany new employees from probation to full-time employment, New Employee Special Orientation Training mainly includes the 1st-week training, monthly training and 2nd-3rd month training.

Professional skills training
  • 01
    CAO professional skill training

    CAO professional skill training is designed for the Customer Account Owners and aims to share experience and improve professional skills through regular targeted training from internal lecturers.

  • 02
    Mature consultant skill upgrading training

    Mature consultant skill upgrading training is designed for P2-level consultants and aims to improve the maturity and professionalism through regular targeted training from external lecturers.

  • 03
    Skill upgrading training for large-order projects

    Skills upgrading training for large-order projects is designed for consultants taking charge of the large-order projects. It aims to improve their professional abilities through regular knowledge explanation and case sharing from mature consultants.

Management training
Management Training

The improvement of management ability of managers is valued in Match Point. Match Point University provides a wide range of training respectively for managers with different levels, including basic management training for first-line managers, management improvement training for second-line managers, and advanced management training for directors and VPs. For those chosen high-level managers, they will be sent for renowned MBA programs.